Where a Bright Start is the Right Start

Bright Start Kidz is a family owned and operated centre.  The Authorised Providers, Maili and David Colman are a local couple who have a son who attends William Clarke College.  All of the Colman family take great pride in being a part of the Kellyville community.

As parents themselves, they understand what it is like to leave your precious children in the care of someone other than family members and thus have created a very homely environment for the children in their care.  When you walk into the Service you will immediately feel a sense of belonging.  Maili and David believe that all staff and families should be an extension of their family.

Maili, David and all the staff at Bright Start Kidz provide a safe, secure and consistant environment for all children in their care.

All staff and families are encouraged to participate with Bright Start Kidz in a two way partnership.

At Bright Start Kidz we encourage staff to be the best they can by bringing their unique strength and abilities into practice. Our staff are also continually learning, working in collaboration with children, colleagues and families.

At Bright Start Kidz we believe that the first five years of life are a time for laying down the foundations for later learning, we achieve this through play based experiences. Empowering the children to trust their own momentum and priorities and at the same time offering them new opportunities to engage in  the world.