Lift is a simple online service for early childhood professionals to safely and securely document your childs learning and lesson planning.

What is so amazing about Lift is that it is completely collaborative; where teachers, children and families can work together online. LIFT is also compatible with most smart phone browsers, which teachers and families can use to quickly upload or view information.

With the introduction of the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which now includes a focus on digital learning, the use of digital media and collaboration with families, LIFT makes management of many of these new tasks simple.

Benefits of Lift

Your information is safe and secure, stored and accessed via a password protected SSL secure environment (the same level of security provided with online banking)
Families can view and comment on observations taken of their child/ren
Families can share their own observations of learning from home.
Families can view and comment on the latest programs on offer for their child/ren
Families can provide feeback and share ideas on their child's overall assessments.

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